Education Center
Santa Rosa Nutrition
Eat Healthier, Live Longer
Starting with an in depth nutrition
survey, you will begin assessing your
current behaviors. Then, together,
we will make changes that support a
healthier lifestyle.
Services Provided
This is the most efficient way to bring
nutrition education to your group.
Though behavior changes are more
difficult in a group, they are possible if
the members have common goals.
Nutrition Consultations
Onsite Wellness
Studies have shown that healthier
employees are more productive
employees. Bring a healthier lifestyle
onsite with these programs. Chose
from a variety of established topics
and programs or have one custom
designed for your needs. Programs
can range from single session Q&As
to ongoing groups sessions.
Nutrition Analysis and Labeling
Why try to guess what your daily intake
is when it can be analyzed by a
professional. Your 3-day dietary record
will be entered into ESHA's Food
Processor software. Data will be
returned within two weeks with a
complete analysis and commentary with
strengths and recommended changes to
your diet.