Santa Rosa Nutrition
Eat Healthier, Live Longer

What to expect
Assuming that you have filled out all of the forms in advance, then we can
get right down to business.

I will look over the forms and together we will assess which changes to your current nutrition
and exercise will have the most impact. We will discuss which of those changes you want to
make, and will discuss how to set goals to best make those changes.

Whether you are hoping to prevent cancer or are fighting a battle with it, proper nutrition
can help.

I have found that after two or three sessions, a well motivated individual can continue with
the behavior changes that they have made for long term success. However, some have found a
benefit from weekly sessions to support their day to day challenges.
As many know, I have had my own personal battles with cancer.
In May of 2000 I was diagnosed with T-Cell Lymphoblastic
Lymphoma. I did three years of chemotherapy from which the
cancer went away for about 2 years. In October of 2005 I was
re-diagnosed, started chemotherapy and radiation, and on Feb
28th 2006 I received a bone marrow transplant. I am currently
in remission and attribute my survival to my wife, family and
friends, modern science, and proper nutrition and fitness.